At S&S Property Management, we believe in making management easier. We will do everything from coordinating property maintenance and repairs to communicating with tenants. We tailor our management services to meet your ever-changing needs. As the owner of a property or group of properties, you can get worn out handling day-to-day business. You have countless tasks to complete. When you work with S&S Property Management, we can ease your load of responsibilities. We handle everything from small-time grocery stores to apartment complexes. By managing commercial property in Peoria, IL, we effectively improve tenant relations and retention.

Photo of a tenant in their commercial property rental.Why a Professional Management Company?

Property owners choose professional property management services for various reasons. For many commercial owners, convenience is the deciding factor. Professional management saves property owners time and hassle. At S&S Property Management, we handle both maintenance and emergency repairs. We also enforce rent collection when necessary.

Our experienced team provides the following advantages:

  • We fully understand and comply with all federal, state, and local laws; this keeps your investment out of the spotlight.
  • We know the local market, and currently have a broad network of local contacts, including advertising resources. This allows us to effectively market your vacant properties to prospective residents and owners.
  • When rent is past due, our team serves the proper notices to each tenant currently behind.

Getting Started

Before we begin managing a commercial property in Peoria, IL, S&S Property requires a few items. These include a signed management agreement, a copy of all current leases, keys to each unit and its storage, a summary of paid utilities, and proof of ownership. That’s it!

Working with S&S Property Management is as simple as can be. We’ve designed our management services to be easy and straightforward.

Contact Us

For more information on managing a commercial property in Peoria, IL, through S&S Property Management, call (309) 691-1919. We would be happy to answer any questions.